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Valorie Dawes returns to hunt down a serial killer in another blockbuster thriller!

While jogging off-duty along the riverfront, Val discovers the dead body of a young girl — and ignites a manhunt for a serial killer.

When Valorie Dawes discovers the body of a young girl who had also been sexually molested, Lt. Gibson assigns her to assist the detectives investigating the case.

Then Clayton Mayor Megan Iverson, candidate for governor of Connecticut, ties her political fortunes to the case, vaulting herself into the lead in all of the major polls with her law-and-order campaign.

Val and her superiors welcome Iverson’s support, but their inability to discover the perpetrator lands them in political hot water. Soon, though, Iverson’s husband Curt inserts himself into a citizen oversight role and begins to micromanage the unit. His meddling costs Val’s team dearly when key evidence disappears and other evidence, withheld for strategic reasons, gets leaked to the press.

The pressure intensifies when Amy, a former campaign aide and an acquaintance of Val’s, becomes the next victim. For trumped-up political reasons, Val gets removed from the investigating team. Investigating on her own, Val discovers Amy’s secret diaries which reveal that she had suffered from abuse from a friend of her father’s since childhood—a fate that Valorie remembers only too well. She also discovers that her roommate, Beth, fits the killer’s “type” – and evidence suggests she may be next on the killer’s hit list.

But the mayor’s hand-picked team of investigators dismiss Val’s findings as self-serving and threatens to suspend her from the force altogether.

Can Val find and stop the killer before he strikes again?

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