Black Coffee, by Agatha Christie
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“The famous Hercule Poirot (played ably by Tony Provenzola) is summoned by England’s most prominent physicist, Sir Claud Amory. Amory fears that someone in his household is attempting to steal his latest discovery, a secret formula critical to England’s defense. But there are other secrets, too…

“I think it was Corbin, as the Italian Dr. Carelli, I most enjoyed. The flamboyant and oily character was perfectly played with just the right touch of comedy and shiftiness. I was mesmerized every moment he was on stage. His accent (which he kept throughout) was wonderful to listen to.”

– SW Washington Stage and Theater Arts Review.

Black Coffee, by Agatha Christie
Role: Dr. Carelli
Author: Agatha Christie
Director: Amanda Goff
Production Company: Magenta Theater
Venue: Magenta Theater, Vancouver, WA
Performance Dates: Nov. 9-23, 2013