Mountain Man's Bride Book Tour
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Lehigh Carter, the Mountain Man is back! And this time, he’s pissed.

And why wouldn’t he be? The crooked sheriff’s department now has even more partners in crime, and they’ve locked up his fiancee, Stacy McBride, accusing her of murdering popular acting sheriff Jared Barkley. He knows it’s a frame-up…or so he thinks at the start. The truth is, Stacy’s behavior makes her look awfully guilty. He hires a lawyer, sight unseen, who turns out to be amazingly good at slapping the crooked cabal back in line when they overreach…which they do, a lot. But part of her charm is, she’s gorgeous and flirty, and that makes Stacy see red.

Curious to know more? Well, good! Because we’re taking Lehigh and The Mountain Man’s Bride on the road, with a five-stop book tour in the Portland area. The first stop is the book release party at Another Read Through on N. Mississippi Avenue Thursday, February 9. I’ll be there to read from the new novel, sign copies of books, answer questions, and of course, find a comfy watering hole to wet our dry, parched throats afterwards, somewhere on the hip N. Mississippi strip.

Another Read Through will sell books on site, but if you’re anxious, feel free to order one online prior to the event. I’ll ship it out to you, signed, as soon as your order comes in. Portland-area residents should be able to get them in time for Thursday’s signing if they order by Monday.

Otherwise, catch up with me on tour…and watch out for the angry mountain man with the pony tail!


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