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Co-produce your play with PDXP

If you:
  • actively participate with PDX Playwrights ongoing or annual activities, and
  • are interested in co-producing a staged reading of your world-premiere play at the 2020 Fertile Ground Festival of New Works with PDXP,

Then you’ve come to the right place.

This page explains what PDX Playwrights offers to the co-producing playwright and what we expect in return.

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In Brief

Here’s the short version. Details follow. You are responsible for knowing and understanding all of the details.

If you’re new, it’s vitally important to read this post in its entirety. If you’re co-produced with us before, you still should read it all, as some elements have changed. So, please read the entire document before proceeding with your application.

Your cost to participate: $175 per time slot ($150 up front, $25 “hold-back”from ticket sales), payable upon submission of your application. (If PDXP does not opt to co-produce your play, your payment will be refunded.)

PDX Playwrights (“PDXP”) provides:

  • Registration with the 2020 Fertile Ground festival of new works ($150 value)
  • Inclusion in the glossy Festival program, created and distributed by Fertile Ground Festival coordinators (not PDXP)
  • A great venue—Hipbone Studio—that seats 85 ($150 value)
  • Up to two stage times ($175 each)
  • Participation in call for resumes/head shots through PDX Backstage
  • Tech rehearsal at Hipbone Studio ($60+ value)
  • Setup and management of online ticketing via BoxOfficeTickets.com (priceless)
  • Day-of-show: curtain call emcee, box office staff, house management, lighting/sound technician, concessions, and up to six (6) music stands (priceless)

Full up-front payment ($150 per time slot) and registration must be received by noon Sept. 27, 2019. No exceptions.

Fill out the application form (linked below) and send checks for $150 made out to Gary Corbin to:

Gary Corbin
1031 NW Ivy Dr.
Camas, WA 98607

A. PDXP’s Role as your CoProducer

1. Participation

Participation at Fertile Ground under PDXP’s umbrella is at PDXP’s discretion. You must have been active as a volunteer or attendee at a PDXP event (table reading, workshop, or Fertile Ground production) to participate under PDXP’s Fertile Ground umbrella.

a. Selection priority:

    1. Playwrights who have had a play table-read at PDXP during the past year
    2. Playwrights who have had a play table-read at PDXP prior to 2019 and have been continuously active in the past year.
    3. Playwrights who have co-produced with PDXP in prior Fertile Ground festivals
    4. Playwrights who have previously worked with or volunteered for PDXP but who have not been active in the past year.

b. Other considerations:

As part of its selection process, PDXP will consider the quality of the playwright’s script(s) as read at a PDXP table read and/or Fertile Ground performance, the playwright’s commitment to improving the script since that table read (and after the Fertile Ground performance), the playwright’s history with PDXP and Fertile Ground, and suitability of the proposed show for the space and PDXP’s overall lineup. PDXP selects and schedules plays from registrations and its decision is final.

2. Communication

  • Throughout the process–from now until the close of the festival and beyond–all questions should be addressed to Gary Corbin at producer@pdxplaywrights.org.
  • Please do NOT independently contact the Fertile Ground coordinator or committee, or the venue.
  • Please do not direct people to the venue phone number.

3. Scheduling and Grouping plays

PDXP creates the show schedule. If certain performance times are impossible for you, please indicate this on your registration form. Performance times are:

  • Friday, January 31, 7 PM (typically reserved for PDXP headliner shows such as Daisy Dukes Shorts Night)
  • Saturday, February 1, 7 PM and 9 PM
  • Sunday, February 2, 12:00 PM, 2 PM, 5 PM, and 7 PM
  • Friday, February 7, 7 PM and 9 PM
  • Saturday, February 8, 7 PM and 9 PM
  • Sunday, February 9, 12:00 PM, 2 PM, 5 PM, and 7 PM

While each time slot is two hours long, only 100 minutes is available for performance time. The remaining 20 minutes are needed to clear the house and seat the next show’s guests. Playwrights are expected to start and end shows on time.

PDXP may group plays in shared time slots at its discretion. Grouped plays share all expenses and revenues equally, including registration. PDXP will refund pro-rated registration fees to playwrights whose plays are grouped into shared time slots.

4. Venue, Tech, and Concessions

We produce at Hipbone Studio, which has seating for approximately 85. We are a renter there—be respectful of this relationship and the Hipbone space and its contents. DO NOT USE TAPE TO SPIKE THE FLOOR. REMOVE ALL YOUR STUFF at the end.

Playwrights who break these rules will be charged an additional non-refundable $50 fee, taken out of ticket sale revenues.

We will have a standard setup (for lights and seating) that will be used for all shows. LIGHTS WILL NOT BE REFOCUSED FOR YOUR SHOW. Simple sound is available using a computer, iPod,or CD. We provide a technician for tech rehearsal and day-of-show.

PDXP can also supply, at playwright request, up to six music stands for the performance and tech rehearsal. Music stands are not available for rehearsals.

At its discretion, PDXP may offer concessions for purchase on the day of show. PDXP is responsible for all costs and retains all revenues from concessions.

5. Box office

PDXP runs box office for all PDXP co-productions. Pre-show sales are offered via boxofficetickets.com (with additional service fees paid by the ticket-buyer). Tickets may also be purchased at the door, first-come first-served, subject to availability.

6. Promotion assistance

While PDXP and the Festival committee contribute to show promotion, playwrights are primarily responsible for promoting their own show. PDXP promotes shows via its biweekly newsletter and on social media. Please participate in that promotion for your work and the other shows staged by PDXP (i.e. share and comment).

7. Termination

We reserve the right to terminate our relationship with any playwright who fails to meet deadlines, is responsive to email communications, or who doesn’t adhere to these guidelines.

B. Playwright Responsibilities

8. Staged reading production

With few exceptions, PDXP partners with co-producers on staged readings of plays, script-in-hand. Staged readings may range from concert readings to fully-blocked performances, albeit with minimal tech. Solo performances, off-book productions, musicals, and ensemble pieces are also welcome, but playwrights are advised to confer with the PDXP Producer for information on key space and production limitations before registering.
Playwrights are responsible for providing all scripts, music, costumes, props, and set pieces needed for their performance.

9. Payment

Registration payment must be received by PDXP no later than noon on Friday, Sept. 27, 2019.

10. Volunteering

We depend on one another’s help to make this program happen. You are required to volunteer for at least two 2-hour volunteer timeslots to assist with box office, concessions, ushering, or other needs.
Playwrights who fail to fulfill this requirement will be assessed an additional $50 hold-back.
If you have technical or management skills to volunteer, please let the PDXP Producer know.

11. Content Submittal and Guidelines

Co-producer applicants must submit the most current version of their proposed work with their application. A form to enable uploads follows the completed application. PDX Playwrights will review the proposed work to ensure it is aligned with PDXP’s mission.

Plays produced or co-produced by PDX Playwrights must comply with PDXP’s Content Guidelines. PDX Playwrights may opt to decline or cancel production of, or require modifications to, any proposed work which fails to comply with these guidelines.

12. Runtime and Description

PLEASE TIME YOUR SHOW prior to submitting application form and payment. On the registration form, please provide an accurate estimate of your play’s run-time. This runtime should not change appreciably after your information has been submitted.
Please briefly describe your show on the registration form in a way that will interest and inform your potential audience in the Fertile Ground Brochure and other promotional materials.
Play titles and descriptions may not be changed after the registration deadline.

13. Playwright and show photos

Once your play has been accepted for co-production, please submit a digital photograph of yourself for use on promotional materials to producer@pdxplaywrights.org.

Email subject line: PHOTO OF playwright last name, first name

Example: PHOTO OF Corbin, Gary

Playwrights will also be asked to submit promotional photos of your show by the Fertile Ground Organizer. These are optional but highly encouraged.

14. Promotion

While PDXP and the Festival committee contribute to show promotion, playwrights are primarily responsible for promoting their own show.

A full house is good for your bottom line, for your experience, and for your creative team. Please encourage all who are working with you to promote your play and to participate in our social media exchanges.

Your play description on the registration form will appear in the Fertile Ground program. It may be edited by PDXP and/or the Fertile Ground Festival committee at their discretion.

Playwrights coproducing with PDXP are welcome (and encouraged) to attend Fertile Ground’s Media Speed Dating event in early January, where playwrights pitch their shows to Portland’s various arts media outlets. This is a valuable opportunity to gain exposure for your show.

15. Casting

The playwright (or their director) is responsible for finding and paying for a director, actors, and rehearsal space. PDXP can include your actor requirements in a call for headshots and resumes on PDX Backstage. Fill out the casting info on the registration form if you want to participate in that call. We do not provide a group audition.

16. Paying actors, directors, and crew

PDXP encourages playwrights to pay their directors, actors, and crew. You set the amount.

NOTE: It can take as much as 6 weeks after performance for proceeds from ticket sales to become available. Please plan accordingly.

17. Rehearsals

Playwrights are responsible for all aspects of rehearsals except for the mandatory tech rehearsal (see below). PDXP does not provide rehearsal space.

Playwrights may be able to rent rehearsal space from Jeff Burke at Hipbone, subject to availability. Please be considerate of our relationship with Jeff and the space. Contact the PDXP Producer for information on how to reserve space at Hipbone.

18. Mandatory Tech Rehearsal

PDXP will hold a mandatory tech run-through on Thursday, January 30th. At least one representative from each coproduction must attend (full cast need not attend, though it may be helpful depending on the play). This will be a tech cue-to-cue, not a full rehearsal.

19. Day of Show

Playwrights are responsible for ensuring that their show is ready to be performed, that their show will start and end on time, and removing all items brought to the venue on behalf of your show including but not limited to costume and set pieces, scripts, and programs.

Playwrights who break these rules will be charged an additional non-refundable $50 fee, taken out of ticket sale revenues.

20. Programs

Playwrights are highly encouraged to create a program for their audience. Playwrights sharing a time slot usually create a program for their shows together at shared expense.

C. Ticket Sales

21.Ticket price

All PDXP Tickets are priced by default at $10. Co-producers of musicals or off-book performances may set a higher price for those shows IN ADVANCE in consultation with the PDXP Producer.

Online advance buyers will be charged an additional service fee of $1.50 per ticket (subject to change) by Box Office Tickets. Credit card purchases at the door may also be subject to service fees which may slightly lower revenues.

22.Group shows

If two or more plays share a time slot, PDXP will split ticket revenues equally between playwrights, who may adjust the net proceeds among themselves as desired.

No complimentary tickets are available when more than one playwright is featured in an event.

23. Fertile Ground Passholders

Fertile Ground requires that a portion of tickets be reserved for Fertile Ground festival passholders. PDXP sets aside 20 tickets for each event for passholders and reserves the right to change this number.

24. Free to playwrights

All co-producers under PDXP’s umbrella who have fulfilled their responsibilities under this agreement, including volunteer responsibilities, have the right to attend the show of any other co-producing playwright in our program for free, provided seats are available for the show. Seating for those shows is on a first-come, first-served basis.

25. Revenues

Revenue from ticket sales will be sent to playwrights by check by mailwithin six weeks after the end of Fertile Ground (i.e., by March 23, 2020). PDXP will retain $25 per time slot from revenues (the balance of registration fees), and any other fees or expenses incurred by the playwright defrayed by PDXP.

26. No guarantees

PDXP makes no guarantee that playwrights will obtain publicity, sell any amount of tickets, or recoup expenses.Prepare yourself for this.Participation as a co-producer does not guarantee a playwright preference or participation in PDXP’s own juried productions (Daisy Dukes, Crazy Dukes, etc.), nor vice versa. Each show and playwright is selected on its own merit.


Questions? Contact PDXP Fertile Ground Producer Gary Corbin, producer@pdxplaywrights.org


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