Lying in Judgment One Act Play
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Peter Robertson, serving on the jury of a murder trial, realizes that the murder being tried is the one he committed.

Or was it?

He and five other jurors struggle to reach consensus, but their perspectives on what they heard are as different as their personalities. Alfred, an unemployed recent college grad, spent most of the trial hitting on Christine, a sassy juror who fixates on the defendant’s history of stalking the victim’s girlfriend. Her unabashed romantic interest in Peter leads to heightened conflict with Alfred even as they ally to push for conviction.

As the dysfunctional jury weighs the evidence, the jurors’ biases explode into pitched arguments while Peter reveals information not presented in court, raising suspicions and driving the other jurors toward acquittal. Just as the others reach near-unanimity for an innocent verdict, Peter realizes how just wrong they really are.

Full-length drama. Adapted for the stage from Gary’s novel of the same name.
Teens and up
Length: approx. 70 pages
Cast size: 6

Production History:

Fertile Ground Festival of New Works, HipBone Studios, January 27, 2013, 3-5 PM. Cast includes:

  • Peter – Vu Pham
  • Alfred – Garland Lyons
  • Christine – Kate Horn
  • Larry – Curtis Hanson
  • Carlita – Margie Boule
  • Dolores – Bonnie Littleton

Table reading July 3, 2012 at PDX Playwrights, 23 Sandy Gallery, Portland.

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