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My book, Lying in Vengeance, is vying for “Book Cover of the Month” on Allauthor.com.

Lying in Vengeance
Lying in Vengeance

Being selected “Best Cover” would be a huge honor and would help boost visibility of this book, one I’m very proud of and worked very hard on. It’s the sequel to my debut novel, Lying in Judgment.

The cover, like all five of my novel’s covers, was designed by the great Steven Novak.

I’ve survived the first two rounds of voting, out of four. Only the top 24 covers go to the final round, and right now I’m 1 vote shy of #24. You can vote once each round (roughly every 7 days) and it’s FREE!

Here’s how it works. AllAuthor.com has selected a number of books released in the past year to participate in the competition. Each week, they narrow down the list – and you can vote every week!

Only the top 50 graduated to the third stage of the competition, which runs thru Friday, Sept. 21.

Here’s the link…please share, and thanks in advance!

If you’re wondering what sort of competition I’m up against, here’s a few of the “leading” covers ahead of me. If that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will! 😉

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