Having authored, edited and critiqued hundreds of documents of all types, both fiction and non-fiction, Gary Corbin Writing can help you get your manuscript ready for publication. Our services include:

EditingWrite Better Right Now by Gary Corbin

Writing a novel, a short story, a memoir? Gary can help you get it ready for the editor or agent query or for final publication— or for self-publication. Options include:

  • Intensive manuscript critique— a combination of overall document strategy, line edits, and proofreading.
  • Editing— your choice of intensive line-by-line edits or proofreading for spelling, grammar, and style.
  • Helping you help yourself: Buy Gary’s new book, Write Better Right Now: A Dozen Mistakes Good Writers Make-And How to Fix Them, to help get your book off the slush pile and into readers’ loving hands. Available exclusively in Kindle format  on Amazon.com and the Kindle store.


Need something written? Gary writes good copy—fast. He can write, edit, revise or rewrite under his by-line or yours. Gary will convert your ideas into a completed manuscript, ready for submission to a publisher or agent. Things like:

  • SEO-optimized web copy
  • Marketing copy for ads, letters, emails, brochures – you name it
  • Informative articles. Gary has a particular love for, and expertise in, beer and wine.
  • Short fiction
  • Plays (and he can help produce them, too!)
  • Essays
  • Novels or memoirs
  • Creative non-fiction

Check out our writing samples and resources – free downloads!.

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2 thoughts on “Manuscript Repair

  1. Hi Gary,

    I’m the author of THE ERICKSEN CONNECTION. I”m beginning the process of outlining my second “Mark Ericksen novel.” The first draft should be finished by the end of October. What are your rates for editing services? My novel will be about 50,000-60,000 words. I’m a member of the Willamette Writers and the Northwest Independent Writers Association (NIWA).

  2. Hi Barry,

    I replied directly via email. Thanks for the inquiry!


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