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2020 Fertile Ground Festival of New Works

PDX Playwrights CoProduction Agreement Form

Please enter all information requested.

Form should be completed once for EACH co-production. A co-production is a play or collection of plays to be performed in one or more 100-minute time slots.

Submissions WITH PAYMENT are due by noon Friday, Sept. 27, 2019.

Address Line 1
Address Line 2
State or Region
Please let us know how you've stayed involved with PDX Playwrights over the past year, or if applicable, your involvement with PDXP prior to 2019.
Has this play been table-read at PDXP since August 1, 2018? If so, please provide the date in the comment box above.
Synopsis for Fertile Ground glossy brochure. 200 words max (50 words if < 30 minutes). Describe your play(s) in a way that will entice people to see your show.
Page length (Letter-sized page, 12 pt. font, 1" margins, standard play format)
Length of play in minutes. YOU MUST TIME YOUR PLAY by reading it aloud before submitting it to PDXP for co-production.
Fertile Ground is one of many means that playwrights use to develop their script. Development steps include: - Initial drafts and edits - PDXP table reads - Further revisions in response to table reads - Staged readings - Talkbacks and post-event surveys/feedback forms - Workshopping a script with actors, dramaturgs, directors, or fellow writers - Limited productions, festivals, and competitions
Please indicate whether you would like to receive casting call submissions from actors or directors who submit headshots and resumes to PDXP. ******************************************************** Note that PDXP does NOT hold auditions for you; you are responsible for contacting actors and directors and scheduling auditions for your play. ********************************************************
I agree to all terms and conditions.
I acknowledge that I have read and fully understand the Fertile Ground CoProduction Agreement with PDX Playwrights, and I agree to all terms.
Add this "product" to your form and submit payment in order to complete your registration application.
We recommend you sign up and pay for ONE performance slot now. If you'd like additional slots, check this box. You will be contacted if additional slots become available.

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