Gary Corbin is an award-winning playwright with over a dozen productions of his full-length, one-act, and ten-minute plays in the Portland area. Productions include include “Happy Anniversary” at Serendipity Players, “PS, I Love Your Daughter” at North End Players and CoHo Theater in Portland, “Mama vs. The Mob” at Magenta Theater and “Murder at the Barracks” at Ft. Vancouver, WA, as well as Fertile Ground productions of “Family Hardware,” “KleptoFamilia,” and “The Exes,” among others.

In addition to his own scripts, Gary writes, ghost-writes, and edits scripts. He specializes in tight, realistic dialogue involving sharply drawn, interesting characters in complex relationships.

Coming Soon: Voodoo Snowball

Sometimes, the only way to heal a dysfunctional family is through voodoo.

Philip, a man of ritual, somehow reached his forties without ever committing to anything – at least, nothing that matters to his parents or his almost-fiancée Elise. But then his sister Danielle informs him that Gus, his estranged father, is dying of lung cancer and clings to life only through his wife’s prayers and his own superstition, embodied in Danielle’s gift to him of a Voodoo Snowball. Elise views Philip’s willingness to reconcile with Gus as symbolic of his ability to commit to family and, thus, to their future together. But when Philip’s half-hearted attempts fail to break through the protective shield his mother maintains around morphine-addled Gus, Elise is ready to give up on him. As Gus’s health deteriorates, Philip’s last hope is a showdown that no one – including Philip – thinks he has in him.

Voodoo Snowball will be performed as a staged reading at the 2018 Fertile Ground Festival of New Works, co-produced and presented by PDX Playwrights and Northwest Theatre Workshop. Show times are tentatively Thursday, January 25 at 7 PM at Literary Arts (with post-reading panel discussion) and Friday, January 26, 9 PM and Sundays at Hipbone Studios.

Recent Performances of Gary’s Plays

This year’s Fertile Ground Festival of New Works featured three of Gary’s new works, with a total of seven performances across five evenings:

  • Two new short plays, “Prefacing” and “Building Blocks,” enjoyed fully staged performances as part of PDX Playwrights‘ “Daisy Dukes Shorts Night” on Friday, January 22 and Saturday, January 23, both at Hipbone Studios, directed by Dave Roberts.
  • His new full length comedy, “Family Hardware,” was stage read with full blocking and minimal sets and props on three evenings at Hipbone Studios, directed by Dorinda Toner and starring Jonathan Wexler, Laurie Campbell-Leslie, Mark Putnam, Maria Aust Randall, Jo Strom Lane, and Nick Serrone. Performances were Sunday, January 24 and Sunday, January 31, both at 6 PM, and Friday, January 29 at 7 PM.

Until it’s performed, it’s not yet a play – it ‘s just a script.

Gary believes that a play will be most successful when the creative talents of the playwright are joined with those of the director, actors, producer and tech crew. Each needs the creative freedom to contribute depth to the characters, environment and relationships envisioned in the play. Gary is happiest when he can hand the script off to a dynamic team capable of staging a production without interference substantial oversight from the playwright.

  • Would you like to perform or produce one of Gary’s scripts?
  • Do you need a script developed?
  • Do you need assistance with your script?

Flexible terms are available for your or your theater. Contact me directly to discuss your needs or to obtain an estimate.

Check out some of these scripts:

Family Hardware by Gary Corbin at Fertile Ground Building Blocks Prefacing-Fertile-Ground-2016
Family Hardware Building blocks Prefacing
Papacino's KleptoFamilia PCC CLIMB Video width=
Papacino’s KleptoFamilia PCC CLIMB Manufacturing
Industry Video
Happy Anniversary The Exes PCC CLIMB Video
Happy Anniversary The Exes Murder at the Barracks
PS-I-Love-Your-Daughter Mama vs. The Mob Lying in Judgment One Act Play
PS, I Love Your Daughter Mama vs. the Mob Lying in Judgment
 Truthstone Dad, I Hardly Know You width= The Jumper
Truthstone Dad, I Hardly Know You The Jumper