5 thoughts on “Mountain Man’s Bride Cover Poll

  1. Looking forward to the second book in this series. I enjoyed the first one.

  2. I’d read the book with the dog on the cover. The other cover evokes a violent direction that would not appeal to me. Probably wouldn’t lift the book to open it and see if it was something I want to read.

  3. I’m with the current majority on this one – my vote is the “Wedding” cover because it’s much more discreet as to how dark it may or may not get – with the dog for a nice throwback to the prequel. In the “Jail(?)” cover, the handcuffs represent physical pain to me, whereas the cuffs in the “Wedding” cover seem more metaphorical to the dire promises of marriage. Just going to say – it feels weird to literally judge a book by its cover! I’m sure we will have a few copies in the house regardless of which one wins!

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