A rookie policewoman, who had been molested as a young girl, pursues a serial child molester–and struggles to control the anger his misdeeds awake in her.

Valerie Dawes carries a serious emotional scar from being molested in her youth by a family “friend.” Her namesake uncle Val, a well-known Hartford Police Detective, helped her through “The Incident” before being gunned down in the line of duty. Resolving to continue in his footsteps, she becomes a Hartford policewoman at the age of 22.

Her unresolved anger over The Incident boils over in confrontational situations with suspects, causing her to pull the trigger a little too quickly. When her more senior partner Gil shows her how to cover up such transgressions, she finds herself caught in a callous pattern of taking retribution for her childhood trauma against the violent men on the street – and an increasing recklessness that puts her life, and everything she stands for, at serious risk.

Audiences 14+
Manuscript length: approx. 300 pages