Threshold by Redmond Reams
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Exploring the world outside the safety of our families is one of the most exciting and scary activities we do. Threshold explores how it is for Mark, a five year-old boy previously abused as a baby in his birth home who found safety in a loving adoptive family at age 1. Mark is terrified of the outside world. His adoptive parents are in conflict on how best to support Mark. Now that he is in school, the school does not understand Mark’s special needs. Mark takes desperate steps to try and stay safe in his mind, but it places him in danger in ways he never imagined.

While serious, the play has plenty of lighter moments, punctuated by the antics of his toy action figures who come to life in the form of his parents and teach in superhero costumes, complete with swords and magic.

Role: Director
Performances: Staged Readings, January 30 at 7 PM and 9 PM as part of the 2015 Fertile Ground Festival of New Works.
Venue: Hipbone Studio (1847 E. Burnside)
Producer: Redmond Reams and PDX Playwrights
Cast: Catherine Beckett, Dave Roberts, Dylan Beckett, Kathleen Barneby, Sascha Blocker.
Stage Manager/Asst Director: Lorelei Kennedy