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Recently on Facebook, a new writer posed the question (condensing here), “Do you do bookstore book signings? If so, why? And how has that experience been for you?”

A great question.

I do love bookstore events. But they’re not for everyone.

Bookstore events are great for writers, IF:

  • the writer is extroverted and like mixing it up with people, talking about their books, etc.
  • the writer can use the event as a rallying cry and focal point for publicizing your books through other means – and actually does so
  • one can establish a relationship with the bookstore via the event which gives the wrtier a platform for future sales and events
  • the writer is not shy about promoting the bookstore rather than just yourself (which will help you connect with other potential readers)
  • Or, if you just love going to bookstores and hanging out anyway.

If NONE of these things are true about you, they will seem like the most awful experiences of your life.

I love all of it, so I say, BRING ‘EM ON!

Here is a (somewhat self-serving) link to some of my favorite bookstores.

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