Gary Corbin Writing specializes in helping you produce clean, crisp, well-organized, and easy to read manuscripts – and you get it fast. We provide exceptional writing, editing, research and analysis services to help you:

  • Prepare manuscripts for queries to agents or editors;
  • Prepare manuscripts for self-publication;
  • Prepare or edit a document for distribution to employees, stakeholders, or the general public.

Whether we edit existing copy or create it anew, we help you produce highly readable documents – fact or fiction written in clear, crisp English with eye-appealing layout. What’s more, we do it quickly. What takes some writers weeks takes us days, and same-day turnaround is not unusual. Services include:

Testimonials from happy customers appear below. For example, check out Nancy Burnett’s “Deflame Your Life” book and e-guides that I helped edit. Check out our free downloadable resources and writing samples and rates. Interested in working with me? Contact me.