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It’s probably no secret to most that the current hot trend in book publishing lately is audio. Audio is the fastest-growing (some say “only” growing) segment of the book publishing industry right now.

There are several reasons for this trend:

  • People want to enjoy books, but they’re strapped for time. Audio formats allow busy people to “read” while walking, working, driving, cleaning house, etc.
  • Many people are seeking alternative forms of entertainment while driving. Radio is great, but you’re not always in the mood for your DJ’s selections, and many people seek commercial-free listening options. Audiobooks have no ads!
  • Technology is better and there’s more of it to choose from. Smartphones, tablets, computers, even TVs come equipped with all the apps and connectivity you need to enjoy an ebook.
  • There are more choices of titles and channels, many of which are integrated into devices you already own. My Kindle Fire, for example–intended as an eBook reader–allows me to download and listen to books on Audible. Ditto iTunes on my iPhone. Findaway Voices, who produces Lying in Judgment on audio, distributes to 30 different audiobook channels–and that list seems to grow daily.
  • Because of that, the cost of audiobooks has gone way down. It’s not uncommon to find audiobooks priced very close to paperbacks, and less than hardcovers. You can even “borrow” them from your local library for free!

That said, I’m not sure where you, the readers of my books, stand on audio vs. print vs. eBook. Which option do you prefer? Let me know in this 1-question poll below!

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