New novel from mystery author Gary Corbin

The Mountain Man’s Badge

Just released from mystery author Gary Corbin:
The third book in the Mountain Man Mysteries series!

Lehigh Carter never asked to be sheriff. And he sure never wanted to arrest his new father-in-law for murder.

Lehigh Carter reluctantly becomes sheriff of sleepy little Mt. Hood County. Then poachers discover the murdered body of Everett Downey, the most despised man in town, and the evidence compels Lehigh to arrest his new father-in-law, George McBride—a move that immediately puts his marriage on the rocks.  The old boy network in town, largely responsible for the favoritism, corruption, and scandal plaguing the sheriff’s office for decades, seems determined to portray Lehigh as inept and even more corrupt than his predecessor. Soon, Lehigh suspects that those most intent on pinning the murder on George McBride have reasons far more sinister than blocking Lehigh’s agenda of reform.

Can Lehigh uncover the truth behind Everett Downey’s murder without becoming the killer’s next victim?

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Mystery/crime thriller Lying in Vengeance from author Gary Corbin
Lying in Vengeance, sequel to Lying in Judgment, released September 13!

Author Gary Corbin released his second book in the Lying Injustice Thrillers, Lying in Vengeance, on September 13, 2017 in paperback, hardcover, and various eBook formats including Kindle, Nook, Apple and Kobo. Order your copy today!

In this sequel to award-winning courtroom thriller Lying in Judgment, Peter Robertson must choose between two horrible options. Both involve death and revenge.

In the middle of a hot summer night, Peter Robertson’s phone rings. A beautiful woman issues a threat: kill Kyle, the man who stalks and abuses her, or she’ll expose Peter’s horrible past.

Peter pretends to go along as he seeks another, less violent solution. But Kyle turns up dead anyway, and the police arrest Peter’s best friend, Frankie, of all people. Peter knows he’s innocent, but can he prove it without directing the finger of blame at himself—for both murders?

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New Play: Voodoo SnowballPoignant stage comedy "Voodoo Snowball" - a new play from author/playwright Gary Corbin

Gary’s newest play, Voodoo Snowball, is a poignant full-length comedy about families, superstition, and the struggle against codependency.

Voodoo Snowball was performed as a staged reading at the 2018 Fertile Ground Festival of New Works, co-produced and presented by PDX Playwrights and Northwest Theatre Workshop. Show times were:

  • Thursday, January 25 at 7 PM at Literary Arts (with post-reading panel discussion), 925 SW Washington St, Portland
  • Friday, January 26, 7 PM at Hipbone Studio, 1847 E. Burnside St, Portland

Published and Produced Work from Author Gary Corbin

In the tradition of Philip Margolin, Scott Turow, David Baldacci, Lisa ScoLying in Judgment from author Gary Corbin, a BookWorks Book of the Week selectionttoline and Michael Connelly, mystery author Gary Corbin’s thrillers feature complex, realistic characters, revealing their inner struggles as they strive to achieve their own unique concepts of justice. Current works include:

  • Lying in Judgment, the story of a man serving on the jury of a murder trial for the crime that he committed. Lying in Judgment was selected for the “Indie Spotlight” on UK-based Literary Lightbox for February 2017, and as “Book of the Week” for July 11-18, 2016. Available in paperback, hardcover, and ebook formats.
  • Lying in Judgment’s sequel, Lying in Vengeance, was released September 13, 2017. Order your signed copy now!
  • The Mountain Man’s Dog, Book 1 of The Mountain Man Mysteries. Lehigh Carter, a backwoods forester, adopts a dog he finds injured on a remote highway – and inadvertently gets embroiled in a life-or-death struggle with powerful politicians and crooked cops. Selected as one of Pople’s Book Reviews Best Reads for Fall 2017. Available in paperback, hardcover, and ebook formats.
  • The Mountain Man’s Bride, Book 2 of The Mountain Man Mysteries (released February 8, 2017). In this sequel to The Mountain Man’s Dog, rustic forester Lehigh Carter fights to clear first his own name, then that of his fiancée, Stacy McBride, as they are accused of murdering the deputy who once made their lives miserable. Available now in paperback, hardcover, and all ebook formats.Author Gary Corbin's Lying in Judgment was featured on Literary Lightbox "Indie Spotlight," February 2017
  • Write Better Right Now – A Dozen Mistakes Good Writers Make, and How to Fix Them. Self-edit your novels with these handy tips that help you identify and fix common writing mistakes, and make your story pop off the page! Available exclusively for Kindle Reader.
  • Gary has also published dozens of shorter works. See the complete portfolio of publications here.
  • Plays. Gary is an award-winning playwright, and several of his plays have enjoyed productions on Portland-area stages, such as Happy Anniversary, PS I Love Your Daughter, and Prefacing.

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 Let Gary Help You Write Your Story

Author Editor Playwright Gary Corbin - photo by Elaine MowryGary is an award-winning author, editor, and playwright in Camas, WA, a suburb of Portland, OR.

Whether staging a new play, completing his next novel, researching an article, or playing a part in a film or on stage, Gary loves to tell compelling stories – and to help others tell theirs.

An experienced and accomplished editor, Gary has helped many other authors and organizations tell their own story through editing, research, document analysis and doctoring, and ghostwriting. Whether you write long or short, fact or fiction, poetry or prose, self-published or traditionally published work, Gary can help you with structure, clarity, and of course, strong, clean text.

No matter what medium or format you prefer, Gary Corbin helps storytellers like you improve your craft and improve your chances of succeeding in an increasingly tough marketplace.

Writing Services include:

  • Writing stories, scripts, or articles
  • Producing website, blog, or marketing copy
  • Research and analysis
  • Editing, proofreading, and critique
  • Document doctoring / manuscript repair
  • Advice to make you a better writer

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Pipe and Thimble carries all books by Portland-area Camas mystery author Gary CorbinA big thanks and “welcome to the family” to our newest local bookstore to carry Lying in Judgment and The Mountain Man Mysteries: Pipe and Thimble Publishing, Lomita, CA. Lying in Judgment was the first book sold at Pipe and Thimble’s Grand Opening!