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I love my fans, especially "Super Fans." I'll be extending exclusive special offers and discounts to Super Fans in coming months, because I appreciate the support you show me. That's what keeps me writing books!

At the end, please leave your name and email. One lucky person will be selected at random to receive a $5 gift card. That could be you, you lucky Duck! (Or Beaver. We love both around here.)

Please answer honestly... vee haff vays of discofferink ze trooth!


1) Which books have you purchased? Mountain Man Mysteries Duo Pack

2) Which books have you read (all the way to the end)?

3) Have you reviewed one or more of my books on Amazon or on your own blog? (Post a link to your review in the comment field.)

4) Mountain Man's Bride Book Tour Backstory Books Book Signing at Vintage Books May 21 Have you been to one of my book readings or signings? If so,  which one?

5) Have you posted about my books or events on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? Please post the link in the comment field.

6) Have you participated in one of my surveys or quizzes before?
7) To whom among your friends or family members should I send my newsletter?


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