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In the tradition of Philip Margolin, Scott Turow, David Baldacci, Lisa Scottoline and Michael Connelly, Gary Corbin’s crime thrillers feature complex, realistic characters, revealing their inner struggles as they strive to achieve their own unique concepts of justice.

New Releases

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Scheduled for release in June, 2019:

A Woman of Valor

For Valorie Dawes, #metoo means #fightback.

Rookie policewoman Valorie Dawes has a mission: take men like Richard Harkins, a serial child molester, off the streets of her small hometown of Clayton, CT—for good.

Val becomes increasingly isolated within the department and vilified in the public eye as reckless and incompetent. She devotes all of her time and energy to chasing Harkins, but he proves to be both elusive and cruel, victimizing young girls and pressing his threats closer to Val’s inner circle.

Can Valorie overcome the trauma she suffered as a child and stop Harkins from hurting others like her—or will her bottled-up anger lead her to take reckless risks that put the people she loves in greater danger?

Books in Print

The Mountain Man’s Dog
By adopting a dog,
a humble forester stumbles into the life-threatening world of crooked cops and power-hungry politicians.

Lying in Judgment
A man serves on the jury trying a man for murder – the murder that he committed.

The Mountain Man's Bride
The Mountain Man’s Bride
Lehigh’s bride-to-be Stacy is accused of murdering a popular deputy after evidence indicates they may have been having an affair.

Lying in Vengeance
Peter hides a horrible secret. Christine knows it, and needs a man killed. The thrilling sequel to Lying in Judgment!
The Mountain Man’s Badge
Lehigh’s first official act as sheriff is to arrest his own father-in-law for murder. But some facts in the case just don’t add up.

Write Better Right Now by Gary Corbin
Write Better Right Now
13 Common mistakes good writers make – and how to fix them.

How to find Gary’s books

All of Gary’s novels are available in paperback, hardcover, and all major eBook formats.

You can find his books on Amazon.com, Smashwords, iTunes, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and a number of other online outlets, as well as in area bookstores.

Signed paperback and hardcover editions can be ordered direct from the author. His writer’s reference, Write Better Right Now: A Dozen Mistakes Good Writers Make-And How to Fix Them, is available exclusively on Kindle.

Short Stories and Creative Nonfiction

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Stella’s 90th birthday

An hour of forgetfulness and Cadbury chocolates.

Hospice 101

Learning about dying with dignity from my very-much-still-alive father, battling cancer.

Thirty Flowers

A boy scout falls one flower short of summer camp.

Sadie’s Way

A woman’s epiphany while hiking leads her life down a whole new path.

Articles and Freelance Writing


Published travel articles

Politics and Culture

Published articles on politics and culture


Articles on beer brewing and appreciation


An award-winning playwright, Gary has written over a dozen plays, several of which have been produced to great acclaim in the greater Portland area. Click on the images to learn more.

Family Hardware by Gary Corbin at Fertile Ground
Full length plays
Pictured: “Family Hardware,” 2016

Pictured: “Papacino’s,” 2015

PS I Love Your Daughter
Pictured: “PS, I Love Your Daughter,” 2010

Mama vs. The Mob
Dinner Theatre
Pictured: “PS, I Love Your Daughter,” 2010