In the tradition of Philip Margolin, Scott Turow, David Baldacci, Lisa Scottoline and Michael Connelly, Gary Corbin’s thrillers feature complex, realistic characters, revealing their inner struggles as they strive to achieve their own unique concepts of justice.

Books in Print

Lying in Judgment by Gary Corbin The Mountain Man's Dog by Gary Corbin The Mountain Man's Bride Cover Write Better Right Now by Gary Corbin
Lying in Judgment
A man serves on the jury of a murder trial-for the crime that he committed.
The Mountain Man’s Dog
By adopting a dog, a humble forester stumbles into the life-threatening world of crooked cops and power-hungry politicians.
The Mountain Man’s Bride
Lehigh and Stacy fight crooked cops as they are accused of murdering the deputy who once made their lives miserable.
Write Better Right Now
A Dozen Mistakes Good Writers Make, and How to Fix Them
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  Soon to be released:
Lying in Vengeance

He’s a good man with a dark secret.

She knows it, and needs a man killed.

Trapped by a fellow juror’s discovery of his guilt, Peter Robertson is blackmailed to either kill for her – or see his dark secret revealed.



Forthcoming (spring 2018):
The Mountain Man’s Badge
Freshly installed in a sheriff’s job he hates, Lehigh investigates the murder of a sleazy local businessman who had troubling information about everyone – particularly Stacy’s father, state Senator George McBride.

Forthcoming (late 2018):
The Incident
A rookie policewoman battles to overcome her own tortured past…but develops an itchy trigger finger against criminals who prey on the young and innocent.

Short fiction and creative non-fiction

Stella’s 90th birthday

An hour of forgetfulness and Cadbury Chocolates.

Hospice 101

Learning about dying with dignity from my very-much-still-alive father.

Thirty Flowers

A boy scout falls one flower short of summer camp.

Sadie’s Way

A woman’s epiphany while hiking leads her life down a whole new path.


An award-winning playwright, Gary has written over a dozen plays, several of which have been produced to great acclaim in the greater Portland area.


Short Plays, such as
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Articles and Freelance Writing