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An international kidnapping ring took her friend’s daughter. Now they know Val is helping her–and they’ll stop at nothing to eliminate her as a threat.

In Search of Valor

Thriller | Police Procedural
Audiences 16+
Length: approx. 125 pages

Valorie Dawes fights an international kidnapping syndicate on behalf of a new college friend–and harbors serious doubts about her future as a police officer.

Like many eighteen-year-olds, Valorie Dawes started her university education undecided about her future. At a young age, she’d set her mind to becoming a police officer, like her hero and near-namesake uncle, Valentin Dawes, killed in the line of duty six years before. But unlike many first-year college students, she has few friends with whom she can share her uncertainties.

On her second day of classes, she meets a charismatic older student from Jamaica, Rhonda LeMieux, who is returning to school after a long hiatus to care for her out-of-wedlock daughter, Jada. The two bond quickly and plan to work on a group criminology class project together.

When the two women discover that someone has abducted Rhonda’s daughter, Val gets pulled into the role of crimefighter much earlier than planned. The kidnappers will stop at nothing to get rid of obstacles like Val–permanently.

Can Val get to Jada before the kidnappers get to her? Will her friendship with Rhonda survive the ordeal? And how will this experience influence Val’s career decision?

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