A Woman of Valor Audiobook
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This week I am pursuing very new paths in my writing journey — and the phrase “journey” can be taken both figuratively and literally.

First, the literal meaning: it’s “writing road trip” time! Chaucer’s Books of Santa Barbara, CA has invited me to join them for an author’s event in their store on Tuesday, August 13. There are several good reasons why I should have said no:

  • It’s 1,000 miles away and will take a week to drive, round trip
  • It will never pay off financially (unless way more of you join me on the trip than I expect)
  • We have a puppy, and no puppy-sitter

So, naturally, I said yes! We leave Thursday evening and will make stops along the way in the Redwoods, Sonoma/Napa wine country, and the Oregon coast. We’ve wanted to take a trip like this for a while, and with Renee being retired and me all-but retired, why not? It’s time to let go of the ties that bind us so close to home and enjoy our free time.

The other part of the journey, the figurative one, comes in the world of audio books. This, too, requires some “letting go,” on both sides of the coin. Or all three sides, since this coin is rather odd-shaped.

First, I’m nearing completion of my author-narrated audiobook of The Mountain Man’s Bride. This audiobook has taken me longer than the others simply because it’s competing with so many other projects, including my recent release (and continued marketing) of A Woman of Valor. We’ve also taken some time off to enjoy the Oregon coast and had some family come to visit. And did I mention the puppy?

Usually I hate letting projects slide – I’ve always been very focused (some say driven) on finishing what I’ve started. But I’ve had to prioritize, and it means letting this project slide for a bit. Not fully let go, but definitely take a back seat.

Second, we’re nearing completion of the audiobook of A Woman of Valor. Here’s the letting go part: unlike my other books, this one is NOT author-narrated. Instead, professional voice-over artist Lisa McKenna is “The Voice of Val.” I felt this book needed a woman’s voice – and I’m so glad I went in this direction.

Lisa’s narration is everything I’d hope it would be: crisp and clear, delivering on both the narrative and the emotional side, and entertaining from start to finish. We expect the audio to go to production within a matter of days and go on sale exclusively on Audible, hopefully before Labor Day.

Third, I’m also entering the audiobook world (or trying to) in a different direction: narrating someone else’s book! I submitted my first audio audition on another author’s book yesterday. It’s weird to perform someone else’s book, but also familiar; I’ve done it as an actor in plays and film several times. But here, there’s no audience or director to give me feedback. It’s just me and the microphone. Letting go of authorial control is definitely another step out of my comfort zone.

But letting go can be a good thing – a path to growth and learning.

So long as I don’t succumb to her charms and let the puppy drive.

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