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Welcome to the Lying in Judgment Quiz! Hopefully you'll enjoy this quiz, and that it will help you enjoy Lying in Judgment a little more.

Please answer each question as best you can. Each question is worth 1 point, except for the multiple choice question, which has two correct answers (each worth 1 point). The highest possible score is 21.

The highest point total by the close of the online launch party on March 8 wins a prize - but only if you tell me your name. Don't worry, I won't ask until the end, when you're all confident about winning.

1) Peter drives a truck very similar to the defendant's Mazda B-series pickup. What is the make and model of Peter's truck?Hint

2) What is the name of the gum-snapping, wise-cracking office manager at Stark's Lumber, where Peter works?
3) After meeting Christine, what is Peter's new favorite brand of coffee?
4) Christine and Marcia both wear:
5) Which of the jurors is diabetic?

6) Which juror shows up wearing an Oregon Ducks sweatshirt?

7) Based on the restaurants at which Peter dines in Lying in Judgment, what is his favorite cuisine?

8) One of the jurors is a CPA. Which one?
9) The murder happens not far from this fictitious Portland street.
10) Which juror loves cheap coffee?

11) What is Judge Green's first name?

12) What kind of car does Marcia's new boyfriend drive?
13) Peter's cell phone's ring tones change over the course of the story. Which two does he use for Marcia?
14) Who does the defendant, Raul, love?

15) Who was Raul's boss at Florentino's?

16) Who does not smoke in the story - not even once?
17) Who does Frankie allegedly harass at work?
18) Who suffers two strokes during Lying in Judgment?
19) Which of these characters does NOT crash his vehicle?
20) Who is the nemesis of Peter's mom?

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