MacBeth: A Dark Retelling
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This “dark retelling” of the Bard’s classic is an uncomfortable look into the Macbeth story with a stark examination of domestic abuse and the culture that supports it. In a world not too unfamiliar with our own, Lady Macbeth strives to make the best of her unfortunate position, a woman locked in a society that has no sympathy for the abuse she suffers. Driven to violence by her unyielding circumstances, she drives her husband to high treason and brings wide spread slaughter to all the land. Only an unlikely hero can salvage what’s left after men have brought about the means for their own destruction.

Role: Duncan
Author: William Shakespeare
Director: Katie Vivika Nichols
Production Company: Polymath Art Theatre (get Tickets)
Venue: Lighbox Kulturhaus (2027 NE MLK Jr. Blvd in Portland)
Performance Dates: Oct 30-November 14, 2015, 7 PM
(2 PM matinees on Oct 31, Nov 7, 8, 14)

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