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2016 sucked, right? And if you’re like me, you want 2017 to turn that around.

Well, we can. All we have to do is buy more books.

Here are ten reasons why buying more books will make 2017 better than 2016.

1. Let’s start with 2016 being so sucky. That’s the real world. Well, who needs that? Books create alternate universes. And, by picking the right book, you can pick which world you prefer…for at least a few hours. (And when you’re done with that one, just pick up another.)

2. Change is easier. Don’t like the world you’re reading? Read a different book.

3. Don’t like change? Books are constant. If you have a favorite, read it again. It won’t change.

4. Tired of seeing bad guys win? Doesn’t usually happen in books. (And if it does, again, just grab another/better book.)

5. Love art? Support it by buying books. Yes, writers are creative artists…words are our canvas.

6. Want to support local? Buy local books by local authors in locally-owned bookstores.

7. Don’t want big corporate interests to win again? See #6.

8. Want to lose weight, address a health problem, sharpen your mind, learn a new skill or hobby, or otherwise improve your life? There’s a book for that.

9. Hate Trump? Support his opponents by buying their books.

10. Love Trump? … Sorry, no help here.

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